Football is Everywhere Awards

Created to acknowledge those committed to showcasing football around the world.

Football often acknowledges Players and coaches, but there is so much more to football. we wanted to create an award that
Acknowledges those that showcase football all around the world.

How it works? Each month, on IG, we release a specific photo theme which a photo must be targeting. You need to use #footballiseverywhere and that is it. The photo can’t be posted earlier than one month before the announcement of the theme. At the end of each month, we then shortlist our favorite photos and choose our winner. The winner receives a special award along with a unique gift which differs from month to month.

Some of our winners:

Current theme: emotions (Last day to post 31th of October)
Past Themes:
goals - Winner: flutlicht_pilger
Football is Everywhere - Winner: scottyfrenchhh
Dugout - winner: scotchnscarves

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