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We showcase the impact of football via a football magazine, news, and through our content production company.

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Football is Everywhere as a football magazine aims to showcase that football is everywhere and the impact it has.

As a football magazine that focuses on telling the untold stories of people that live and breathe football. Football is Everywhere is a highly visual collection of football stories from around the world, showcasing that football is everywhere in a form of a magazine, showcasing how much it impacts people’s lives.

Every magazine issue covers football stories from a country, region or city. A new issue is released roughly every 4 months.

As a sport video production company, Football is Everywhere focuses primarily on video content (but not only) in the world of sports, with special love for grassroots and women's sports.

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Some of our magazines

North of sweden

Football is Everywhere North of Sweden explores how football is played everywhere, no matter the conditions.

faroe Islands

50,000 people. 70,000 sheep. This is Faroe Islands. A small nation that heavily invested into the growth of football.


Football in Ireland isn't as it seems. There's an extra part to the story.

Eldsjäl - A Series That Celebrates Those That Make Football Possible​

Our commitment to Women's Football

Football is Everywhere is committed to women's football from the start. Read our goals, how we can work together, and how you can support our commitment to women's football.

Football is Everywhere and so naturally we decided to ship the magazine worldwide 👊.

We aim to release between 2-3 issues per year, without a fixed commitment, allowing us to make the best work possible.

The best way to save on shipping is to order a 3 issue magazine bundle. As a small company that ships everywhere, but not everywhere in huge quantities, it costs us as much to ship 3 magazines as it does to ship 2. 



Our upcoming issue is on Poland, with the issue after that also already in the making.  

As long as the project is of interest to us and aligns with our views on sport, we can travel wherever is needed in the world.

From consulting to creating content whether that’s documentaries or photo/video social media content. 

We’ve worked with professional football teams both on the men and women’s sides, along with the likes of Gothia Cup which is the world’s biggest youth football tournament, and Partille Cup, the world’s biggest handball tournament. We’ve also worked with some of the biggest sports broadcasters like DAZN. 


Football is Everywhere Awards

Football is Everywhere Football Photo Awards were created to honour those committed to showcasing football

What people say about us

"Football - For people like me, this word means everything in life. Pato and Michael have managed to show the importance of football for some people in this world in an amazing magazine. Exciting stories, provide an impression of life with and around football in a variety of circumstances and environments. They show their attention to detail by traveling to the different places where they combine great stories with incredible images. All together: a great masterpiece and the start of something big! I'm so excited for the second issue and more beautiful posters that all tell their own story."
Aline Christer
Football is neither just played on Wednesday nights in Europe's Champions League arenas nor every four years when the best male footballers gather for the World Cup. Football isn't big money, football isn't an exclusive club, football isn't glamour. Football is played all around the globe, at any given time. Played by anyone, at any surface, 5 v 5 or 11 v 11. It unites people. Football is natural. And Football is Everywhere manages to capture this essence of our sport so damn well. By going back to the roots that made football once great and still keep its universe in balance to this day - Super League coming or not. Football is and will always be the people who love the game and give it their everything every day. The magazine tells the stories of these people. Stories, that barely make the spotlight in today's football hysteria. Choreographed with amazing photography and a pleasing design, these stories really come to life right in front of you. All that makes a great first issue of Football is Everywhere. I can't wait for number two.
Oliver Dreßler
I can’t recommend this magazine enough to football fans, groundhoppers and anyone interested in international sport. I felt it brought me closer to grasping the football scene and overall life of fans and athletes in Sweden. From mining towns on the literal move to tiny towns with sub 1,000 population in the far north, this magazine made me feel like I could arrive in Sweden and know the football scene. I’m glad a publication finally gave the women’s side a voice and a story and it made me feel like there wasn’t a single element missed when covering the teams, grounds and towns these clubs represent. I can’t recommend this magazine enough, these stories are raw and in-depth in an era where football is floundering for real content ftbliseverywhere is a breath of fresh air!
Tyler Frings

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